It’s been too long

I’m sorry for the big gap in posts. When we get into the busy season it’s all I can do to keep a life together. Cheer up, though; I’m writing blog posts before I’m doing the dishes, because that’s how important y’all are to me.

Yeah. That’s the reason. Anyhow:

November was packed full of weekend shows, some established, some new, and some new to us. The annual Holiday Crafts Merry Marketplace at Bethany United Church was a BLAST. It was one of the better shows I’ve ever had the privilege to set up a booth at, and the people were organized, friendly, knowledgeable, and just generally helpful and awesome.

The Pflugerville Pfall Pfest Crafts Show (have I mentioned that we like local?) was likewise a great time, and the community of Pflugerville really shines in activities like that; it seemed that everyone came out to give their support.

And because we don’t always do local, I have to give a shout out to The Grand Street Fall Festival in Whitewright, TX. I was overwhelmed with offers of assistance from the moment I arrived, and the volunteers made everything run smoothly and well.

November is a great month, and as usual at this time of year, I’m really glad it’s over. I’m going to go sleep for a week now. G’night, y’all. *thud*