Meet the Artists:


Amanda’s Country Whims

Amanda makes rich, luscious soaps using goat milk and goat yogurt from her home in the Texas Panhandle. Her soaps are made with a variety … Read More


Devonshire Organics

Devonshire Organics was founded as Devonshire Incense in Austin, TX in 1967. Since then, they’ve moved around the Central Texas area, … Read More


PensylCraft Designs

Amy Pensyl creates original and handmade designs based on mandalas, henna, paisley and Sacred Geometry. Her delicate woodwork shows an … [Read More...]

ArchAngel Cover Photo

Michael van Slyke

Michael van Slyke is another Austin area artist whose talents and skills are so wide ranging that they're difficult to define, but I can … [Read More...]


Melissa Eaden

Melissa Eaden is a self-taught hat maker and jewelry designer with a steampunk ethos and a flair for feathers and lace. She works out of … [Read More...]