About us

Green-Leaf logointeractive leaf sales came about from late night gab sessions between Samantha Joy and Michael Berz. Since we have the good fortune to know dozens of amazing but unknown artists, we decided to do something to support small and independent artists besides buying gifts at Christmastime (though we still do that too!)

One of the major problems that small artists and crafters face is the challenge of finding ways to present their work to an interested public. While the Internet certainly makes that easier, it can still be easy for good signal to get drowned out in all the noise. And while local street festivals and craft fairs abound, they present another challenge–how does a person who is not already a full time artist find time to create enough work to fill an entire booth?

Well, while that represents a significant challenge for one artist, it’s much less of a problem for two, four, or six artists. We decided to combine the highest quality works of the people we already knew, while continuing to seek out independent artisans who we feel deserve a chance to have their work presented to the public in marketplaces they otherwise could not reach.

We tailor our product lines to our audiences, so you will almost never find all of our artists represented at any one show. If there’s something you want, please contact us and tell us about it!

Explore the site to find out more about the people and work we have the pleasure to represent!

And, yes, there’s some of our own work in the booth too.  :)