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We don’t have many Frequently Asked Questions, but there are (barely) enough that I can fill this page:

Q: Where can I find you?

A: We’ll pop up all over Central Texas with our traveling art gallery. Check our website for specific shows planned, and if you want to know about something that’s not on the site, contact us and ask about it!

Q: Will you carry my art or craft?

A: We are always considering new artists and crafters. We balance our decisions on many variables–how unique is your work? Do we already carry something (or a few things) similar to it? Do we have a way to display it properly? Will your work complement or compete with the work we already carry? If you would like to find out details, please contact us and let’s talk.

Q: Do you show every artist at every fair?

A: No. We tried that, back when we started this business, and found that it did not work. It left the booth chaotic, and individual voices were drowned out in all the visual noise.
Now we tailor our inventory to each show, basing our choices on what we think that audience might appreciate or enjoy. Sometimes we miss, most times we hit–we’re getting better at this.

Q: What kind of shows can I find you at?

A: Every kind of show! We have enough variety in our line that we’ve got something to please everyone. We’ve done steampunk gatherings and horror movie conventions and church bazaars and fundraisers and regional Mensa gatherings and big street fairs with thousands of people there and tiny street fairs with hundreds (and sometimes dozens) of people there. That’s one of the reasons we enjoy what we do; we get to go everywhere and meet everyone and make them all smile.

Q: How do you make soap/incense/hats/jewelry? Where do you get your scents/fabrics/forms?

A: We’re just going to keep answering these individually. Catch us at a show. We carry so many artists that, naturally, we’re far more familiar with the mechanics of some processes than with others; I can talk to you a lot about how to make soap, a little about how to make incense (though I could never do it on my own), and I’ve never used an engraving tool.